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Mary L. Mack

My adventure with jewelry began very early, as it probably did with most women. The love of art and beauty has run through my life as well as anything to do with water, dance, and food. My curiosity and  thirst for adventure lead me to new opportunities.

I began making jewelry when my husband, Bill and I were on our sailboat in Mexico. We spent many winters in those beautiful waters, surrounded by our sailing community of friends and the wonderful Mexican people. It was  marvelous and totally different from the high stress careers we retired from, even though they were fulfilling and exhilarating.

After a while I found I had extra time while we were in port. Carrying my painting supplies was not an option. A friend and fellow sailor Sarah, ignited my interest as she spread out an array of gems that she  had been using in jewelry. Dazzled by the beauty of the stones I soon found myself at an International Gem Show and was hooked.

Soon I was creating custom jewelry to match the clothing and needs of friends as well as gifting friends and family as I gained experience. One thing has led to another allowing me several venues. The one I like most is presenting my work in person, hearing from those present  and seeing the jewelry on the individual.

My goal is to make jewelry that is both beautiful and flattering to the wearer, allowing the natural beauty of the elements to shine.

I aim to make the jewelry both casual and elegant and with a sense of whimsy at times. Some pieces are romantic and delicate with clean lines. Others are bold with brilliant hues. All are one of a kind or very limited edition. The stones and pearls, my imagination, and outside inspiration guides me.  

I am located in Bennett Valley, Sonoma County California, near the town of Santa Rosa.

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